The Persian and The Poet

16… SPECIAL: The Fall of The Willow – online album (all of Cam’s poems from the 2020 season)

February 19, 2021

In essence, this episode – The Fall of The Willow – is a spoken-word album, which you can listen to in one continuous stream.

It's a curated compilation consisting of each one of Cameron's original poems shared in the 2020 podcast season. These poems have been brought together to create a single half-hour of swirling, twirling, whispered and hollered words declared and confided to YOU – our dear listener.

May love and wonder seep into your bones...


          Coming soon: all the translations of these poems in Farsi

          read by Ramak Bamzar in a special FARSI ONLY episode!


Poem 1 :  As I Stand on Edge of The Park

Poem 2 : What Happened in The Forest?

Poem 3 : Still Trying To

Poem 4 : The Father of Butterflies

Poem 5 : Come Into Me

Poem 6 : They are a secret

Poem 7 : Petalled Pillows and Thorny Sheets – Part 1

Poem 8 : Petalled Pillows and Thorny Sheets – Part 2

Poem 9 : In The Mountains

Poem 10 : The Mind is a Yacht, The Heart an Oil Tanker

Poem 11 : Upon Approaching a Dead Person in a Hospice

Poem 12 : Rapid ‘I’ Movement Towards You

Poem 13 : From My Dry Lips

Poem 14 : The Wattle and The Willow



Title song : 'A Warm Welcome' by Jared Haschek:

1 :  Rod Gear

2 : Jared Haschek:

3 : ‘Chasm’ from the album ‘Separate Journeys’ by Spike Mason

4 : ‘Viewed from The Climb’ from the album ‘Separate Journeys’ by Spike Mason

5 : ‘God’ from the album ‘Henotic’ by Spike Mason

6 : ‘Frederique’ by Michael Carney.

7 : Rod Gear

8 : Rod Gear 

10 : Rod Gear

11 : ‘Frederique’ by Michael Carney.

12 : ‘Love her and she will watch over you’ by Luke Pittman

13 : Cameron Semmens

14 : Rod Gear


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