The Persian and The Poet

24… Woman! Life! Freedom!

October 30, 2022

24... Woman! Life! Freedom!

Ramak and Cameron discuss the situation in Iran as of Oct 2022, and explore their creative responses to the situation.

Poem 1: 'Say Her Name' written by Cameron Semmens, September 2022. Spoken by Cameron Semmens and Ramak Bamzar. Poem 1 music: 'Lovely Bones' by Natalie Jeffreys.

Poem 2: 'Soil' by Adib al-Mamalek Farahani (1860 - 1917), an Iranian poet, writer and journalist. Poem 2 music: 'Clouds' by Rod Gear, from the album 'The Wood That Sings'.

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Graphic design by Ramak Bamzar : 

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